Fun added! (or build 3503)

So I’ve been quite busy lately. Busy with the game!

I have now a consistent load/save/rage-quit etc. system, a full flow-chart for item creation (what level a particular item will have), a new randomized item type and All wands ingame! I also made arrows and a bow and dynamite with a timer. Just for fun.

Randomized items:

When this kind of item is created for the first time, a random roll is done and will define both characteristics, name, mouseover tips and charges.

For example, the dirty shorts you might find when you loot a chest have three different ‘versions’: “no characs”, “HP+1″ and “HP+2″. Their descriptions are different (rags, worst ever clothes, Almost worst ever clothes)

It is really easy to make a lot of different types without completely leaving the randomness to say HP=Random(0,2). I can choose to make one of the types more frequent or add a HP+3 but View-1 for example making it easy to add different but distinct types.

The code looks like this:


??? if typenr == -1 then --Create new
?? ??? ?typenr = math.random(0,2)
?? ?end

Check characteristics

??? arr[0]=""
?? ?arr[1]="maxlife=1"
?? ?arr[2]="maxlife=2"

Get the mouseover:

??? arr[0]="rags"
?? ?arr[1]="Worst ever clothes [HP+1]"
?? ?arr[2]="Almost worst ever clothes [HP+2]"

Well, you get the idea… it is really easy:

The wands had me working for 4 whole days because they do interact with players and the game itself (Pushing an enemy for example) but the rings took me like 1 hour because they only change the characteristics of the player…

A lot of items with passive characteristics can be added like this, really quick and easy.

Mind you, it is so easy I haven’t had the time to create graphics for them… I usually do some quick’n dirty graphics just so you don’t need to mouseover some red square to see if it is a Wand of Protection or a Short, will try to do that soon though…

Fun added!

From the beginning I really like the game and its ideas (of course I do, I made them!) and it is very rewarding to see complex things working flawlessly after hours of coding and bugtracking. But when I played it it was always just a lot of testing. Start game, check this or that feature out, fix it if it doesn’t work, rinse & repeat.

When all the wands were made (and the bow and arrows! So useful in a Dungeon!), I upped the loot probability quite a bit and actually, for the first time, I sensed this fun, driving part. Just some more monsters and I’ll stop. I’ll go back to the coding but first I want to know what is in that chest over there! Can I really get to depth 4 now? I’ll give it a try. Argh I died, shit! This time I’ll gi… no, now I really have to go back coding!

I’m not saying that the game is really really fun yet, it isn’t. But I felt it come alive. Now I have to feed it and raise it to be a good fun interesting game, I can see the light in the end of the tunnel, sort of!

Real life:

On the downside of things, I will most surely have to go back to working at a normal day-job quite soon, at least for some time. On the upside is, hopefully, a game where the complicated bits are complete which means that loading, saving, installing, progression, map generation and all other bug-rich parts are done, tested and ticked off. Leaving me with item creation, map making and scripting enemies!

Something I will be able to do even if I code all day for money.

See you soon!