Back in business!

Hi followers, thanks for scrutinizing things being down for a long time, I hope I reward you.

There’s been ups and downs and I have finally managed to get things under control (personal life :-/) but here I am again with my ol’ game, waiting to be finished!

Build 5878, the tutorial is completely working (sure, I’ll add a lot of things there as to the rest), a LOT of items/powers/wands and whatnot are fully functional, it’s easy as a breeze to add parts to the map generator (just build a map-part, which is easy as pie and the dungeon generation code takes care of the rest), it’s easy as, uh dunno but well really easy to add a whole line of new items (say a type of magic ring with tens of different types) and so on.

The Smith, the Wizard tower (it’s already there but hey it’s just a test), the three dungeons you’ll unlock when … well, you know how it is when you’re in the middle of work… patience, oh sorry you don’t know how it fits together? Don’t sweat you’ll find out.

But please be patient, I will create a new version so you can check it out and I’ll try to communicate what’s happening on my twitter account.

I’m going to live in a cave though (not in a basement! a nice cave) so it might be not that regular (and I’m off for holidays in august).

Can’t stop that thought though, hell, build number five thousand eight hundred. Can’t stop now right.