Holiday, yay!

On my crappy laptop I’m having a hard time to play test (its some U7300 processor running at like sub-year-2000 speeds) so I’m mostly coding in the dark and factorize and so but I have done some bugfixes too, here they are!

* make doors be “friends” and open on “interact” (like chests)
* check chests and doors doesn’t get attacked by monsters
* all create() should return myid
* rename whole project to Grave Diggers (of Time)
* make not only GetLocalInt and SetLocalInt access with “myid” but also GetLocalString and other (set…)
* CTRL+B -> Quit (as CTRL+Q is occupied): using ESC instead
* make it easier to move downwards (but you don’t want to move too fast downwards!)

Also added the Slime and the Golden snake beware!

Soon to be back with more updates, project is coming back nicely so I will most probably make a new test version (I’m closing in on build 6000 so that seems a nice milestone for that).


Well well, gotta go back to holidays (just kidding, going back to creating)!