Gamification of Game Development!

So today the game is (clearly) in Alpha,? 0.04 is today’s state:

There is an auto-updater, load save works, tutorial works (with Tornado boss!), there is a big pack of items to use (weapons, food, wands, potions, powers …), there is a bunch of monsters too so I think that Alpha 0.04 seems kind of right.

Moving forward isn’t as straight forward as I’d like but hey, it’s indie game development we are talking about!
So I tried to figure out what I need to go from Alpha to Beta and Beta to Gold and I decided that each of those things (usually kind of globally described) will move the project forward a certain amount of points.

So, to go from Alpha to Beta I need 0.06 points:

Mountainpath + shops(level 2 and level 4-5 items in the two shops): +0.01
Wizard tower + boss: a half point (+0.005)

The Three entries, at least a couple of types of map parts for each, a monster or two for each dungeon type:
Fire dungeon + boss: a half point (+0.005)
Ice dungeon + boss: a half point (+0.005)
Poison dungeon + boss: a half point (+0.005)

Win-screen (just a placeholder but with functioning GUI) : a half point (+0.005)

Smith + miniboss: a half point (+0.005)
FF (the forbidden forest): a half point (+0.005)

The bosses can be placeholders (ie. working like a normal monster) but they have to be there.

All these together will give a half point (+0.005) as I won’t consider the game in Beta if they are not implemented:

* Restart button (but not clear all) must function (menu->”abandon play” or similar)
* Keyboard menu (keymappings)
* Sound menu (Sound + Music on/off + volumes). I might not have any music though.

Beta 0.1: Now we need to fill the game with more content:

All items will be created +0.1
All monsters +0.1
All shopkeepers +0.1
All bosses fully functional (with all the quirks and so) +0.2
Final screen (WIN) exists +0.1
Sound: +0.1 (battle stuff etc)
Music: +0.1 (Music for the game or better several ones for different depths).

Beta to Gold:

Play testing and tweaking is what will move the Beta to Gold.