New Server!

So My server started to have hickups (2 recoveries last month), normal, it’s over 5 years old!

So I found out that not only isn’t it working that good, it’s also overpriced and under performing so I’m migrating all my data to a new shiny server (what can go wrong?)… and here you are, everything seems to have worked out right!

I’ll soon be back with more updates about my game!




Happy new year 2015 and a shiny Alpha 0.07!

Happy 2015 everybody!

The holidays are sometimes a boost for productivity, with kids it’s the other way around so I squeezed as much time as possible into the game before Christmas.

The result?

The whole wizard tower with its different floors to explore and understand, the mini bosses, the big wizard boss in the final floor and even the wizards apprentice to rescue (he’ll duplicate and sell you powers in the village), all created, coded, inserted and tested!

So according my gamification planning, I’m now a, what am I saying, the game is now a shiny new Alpha 0.07!

On a side note, I have 9% of what’s needed to be Greenlit so maybe I’ll actually will pull it off around the time the game is finished!

Happy 2015 everybody!

Hey, if you are interested in Greenlighting the game:
Within the steam client

Or on the web Greenlight!.