How do you make an Indie game?

How do I make my Indie game?

So I was asked what tech I use for making my game. Not what tech I use in the game itself (like OpenGL or C++) but what kind of programs I’m using.

I didn’t think I used that many, here they are!

  • Visual Studio + Visual Assist (So Damn Good) for coding
  • Tortoise SVN for versioning
  • Notepad++ for scripting and website updates
  • Filezilla for uploading stuff on the Web/Internet
  • Photoshop for image editing
  • Tiled for map editing
  • Audacity for sound & music editing
  • Greenshot for screen capture
  • Fraps for video capture
  • Magic Video for video editing (IIRC, it was some time ago, not my program)
  • 4VideoSoft for Video converting (IIRC)
  • Mantis for planning and bug tracking
  • Steam for publishing
  • Twitter and WordPress for community management
  • DSM replication software between my Synology NAS at home (with SVN) and another far far away in another gala…city

And I’m not even sure I’m not forgetting any one…


A small video of new gameplay

All obvious bugs has been ironed out and it seems there might not be too many unknown ones, the game plays well and I’m starting to be quite satisfied with the engine itself.

I have reorganized the mountains-level and even if it isn’t finished, it’s already better. I will most probably tweak that level when the dungeons, at least the two first, are finished as in the mountains you can, with different difficulties, unlocks 4 shop keepers.

I also started to work on the first dungeon (after the tutorial dungeons, which are about ready), the fire dungeon. Got to find a better name for that one!

And finally, I now have some better looking trees.

Check out some small game play, and of course the trees!

OBS!! The quality of the video is rather bad, I have added a screen below for comparison…

This is how the game look in action (not deteriorated by the video, but still resampled, click to see full image):