The 90% / 90% rule

Back from some short holidays where I actually got some work done, I questioned myself “did I really do some important work there or did I just mess with the first 90 percent of a particular task?”.

You know the video game 90/90 rule: “Good ! You have done 90 percent of this development, now you just have to do the other 90 percent to finish it.”

The beginning of projects are always the funniest and dammit I’m not independent to only do boring things but maybe I had chewed off only good parts lately so I decided to do some tedious and boring ones to make up for it, like setting up a SVN repository and making a register page in PHP, putting everything online, create batches for uploading the game over sftp, creating a backup etc.

That was a bit boring but the nice part is that you can now Create an Account and actually check out the game! You can kill 3 evil chickens who will respawn every now and then, very boring but everything has a beginning and here it is for Imbroglio Online!

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