Good news, Bad news

What do you want me to start with?

Kickstarter isn’t working as expected.
There are several reasons for that, one is that I haven’t been able to take care of it (family sick, ridiculous heatwave,…) and it just didn’t start off correctly.

So I’m shutting it down.

To relaunch it in the autumn!

Why would it work better then? Well, people are not on holidays any more for starters, I’ll be there 24h/24 seven days a week and most important: I got myself a Marketing Guru who is helping me out with it all!

More to come for sure…

About the game, I have had some really nice hardcore Roguelike people test it out and am I glad I did, in hindsight, some things are so obvious that I wonder what I was thinking. So in a not too distant future, the game will propose a better experience, hopefully really neat and easy to use and understand user interface, which was my main goal from the start.

If you want to follow the development, just continue to follow the Blog here.

Ludvig Larsson aka Valmond @ Mindoki Games

ps. for all of you backing the game (you will not be billed) a big Thank You! I’m keeping your kickstarter addresses and I’ll send you a ping when the game goes up on Kickstarter again.

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