How do you make an Indie game?

How do I make my Indie game?

So I was asked what tech I use for making my game. Not what tech I use in the game itself (like OpenGL or C++) but what kind of programs I’m using.

I didn’t think I used that many, here they are!

  • Visual Studio + Visual Assist (So Damn Good) for coding
  • Tortoise SVN for versioning
  • Notepad++ for scripting and website updates
  • Filezilla for uploading stuff on the Web/Internet
  • Photoshop for image editing
  • Tiled for map editing
  • Audacity for sound & music editing
  • Greenshot for screen capture
  • Fraps for video capture
  • Magic Video for video editing (IIRC, it was some time ago, not my program)
  • 4VideoSoft for Video converting (IIRC)
  • Mantis for planning and bug tracking
  • Steam for publishing
  • Twitter and WordPress for community management
  • DSM replication software between my Synology NAS at home (with SVN) and another far far away in another gala…city

And I’m not even sure I’m not forgetting any one…


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