And with fame comes problems… (Groupee Bundle)

Hi all Grave Digger fans!

This is the story about how my first try to sell the game panned out. Last year, I was in a bundle to showcase my Alpha version of Family of Grave Diggers and get Greenlight votes, I was in a Groupee Bundle.

It was a flop in units sold, I earned around $8, but it did raise some awareness about my Greenlight Campaign, so there was that!

Groupee never got back to me (and seriously I didn’t care, I would’t fight for $8).

Fast forward almost a year, my game is now in an advanced Beta stage and I launch (finally!) my Early Access on Steam! This is a huge success, I spend a whole week only to answer mails, tweets, requests etcetera, great times!

I also got a mail from Groupees, they want to pay me $262.58 and requests 3291 keys!

Where those figures come from is obviously a mystery, but needlessly to say, they want $30.000 of keys for a meager $262.58…

I have tried to dialogue, but they just send me back the same request over and over.

This is not good, so I’m bringing the problem out in the open, this is my latest mail I sent them (because you know, If you paid for a bundle, you Should get your game).


Well I still can’t understand how you think this could pan out.
1) you sell games, including mine, and I should get around 8$
2) I never get them…
3) We don’t hear from you for 1 year
4) Suddenly you want to give me 200$ something and have 3000+ keys.
This is just not going to happen. There is just no way I’ll mail you $30.000 value of keys after how I have seen how you handle things.
What can happen, is that I, or a trusted middle man, gets the names of those who bought the game and we will send the keys to them.
Ludvig Larsson @ Mindoki Games


Well, now the ball is in their camp, hope they won’t drop it again…

Ludvig Larsso

ps. I just wanted to add that Draul at the Drastic Measure, who helped make the bundle is extremely helpful, he definitely is a good guy. This is only a Groupees problems.

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