This blog is about the development of my Indie Roguelike!

I love Roguelikes but I’m not very good at ‘em. Or when I laid down Crawl for a couple of weeks and try to get back on I just don’t remember all those tiny things that make you live instead of dying.

Also, it’s quirky to say the least, it’s a game in the game just to play it! I really love the depth of the game though, don’t get me wrong!

So I decided to make an easy to use Roguelike. Not meaning it’s easy to play but you shouldn’t be hindered by complex key configurations and so. Playable by mouse only, by keyboard including laptop keybord without numpad (and with diagonal movement).

Well, I know I won’t be able to beat the great roguelikes in a year so I’m going for my strengths and to pally my weaknesses, the game will be as close to fully moddable there can be without making some sort of game-maker. This is a Roguelike!

The things you won’t be able to change (mod) are turnbased, square-based, inventory-ish game, for the rest most things are already in lua scripts:
items, monsters & NPC:s, attacks, effects, characteristics, attacks and so on…

Map generation is a bit 50/50, but I’m working on it, it’s a sort of Schr?dinger generated map (you only knows what it is if you look) and I’m going for what I hope is the best mix of Procedural Generation (the Schr?dinger map generation), Freedom (you can even have code to make your maps completely or locally) and Control (tightly link map parts together or loosely link them of course or make them completely static so it’s the same thing for everyone).

Oh didn’t you see (of course you did but if you don’t want to click “back”):

Or the website way: Greenlight!.

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  1. Bonjour,

    Je suis infographiste à mon compte et je cherche des projets de jeux sur lesquels je pourrais aider à hauteur de mes compétences :)

    Si vous êtes interressé contactez moi


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