Kickstarter finally LIVE!

Hello Indie Game Lovers!
After a lot of hassle, my pledge on Kickstarter is finally live!!

Check it out here:

What? Why am I doing a Kickstarter for a game that’s already in the making?
It’s all about looks actually (well almost).

You can check out my official Kickstarter video here
or check out one of the Alpha playthroughs: Spazz Does Gaming or Phail_Munsta
And there you’ll see the graphics, which are, kind of amateurish sometimes.

So I’m doing this Crowd Funding to fix exactly that, beautiful graphics are expensive!

Also there are no musics in the game yet, I’d love not having to use some free old classic music for everything but some new exclusive exciting stuff for the game, music that fits to the theme, music that was created for this special ambience, so that’s the second part of the main goal!

So please think about donating some bucks or buy access to the game (DRM free or Steam) and one of the extras!
Obviously, if you want to retweet my initial Kickstarter tweet, I’d be all so happy too!


Ludvig Larsson aka Valmond

Desura has put my game in their Alphafunding program!

The weeks are just getting crazier, first I got greenlit and then, some days ago I got a hand crafted mail from Desura, it started with:

Congratulations!! Your title has been accepted to our Alphafunding program.

There are only a couple of slots for each launch and a Family of Grave Diggers got one of them!!

we have you officially scheduled in our Launch Calendar. On June 17th 2015 at 6am Pacific Daylight Time your game will GO LIVE.

Holy bandola, one month from now! The mail continues with:

In the meantime, you really need to prepare like crazy.

You bet, so huh yeah, lets get this rolling!

a Family of Grave Diggers now on early access!!

Thanks to:
Draul, Drastic, Groupees , WhosGamingNow,
my Alpha is now in a charity bundle!!

You can get a DRM-Free early access for as low a 3$!

Steam keys will be delivered too when the game is getting Greenlit, which seems to be quite probable as my greenlight went from 25% to over 50 just in a couple of hours.

So don’t miss this unique opportunity
to check out an Alpha of a Family of Grave Diggers!


Happy new year 2015 and a shiny Alpha 0.07!

Happy 2015 everybody!

The holidays are sometimes a boost for productivity, with kids it’s the other way around so I squeezed as much time as possible into the game before Christmas.

The result?

The whole wizard tower with its different floors to explore and understand, the mini bosses, the big wizard boss in the final floor and even the wizards apprentice to rescue (he’ll duplicate and sell you powers in the village), all created, coded, inserted and tested!

So according my gamification planning, I’m now a, what am I saying, the game is now a shiny new Alpha 0.07!

On a side note, I have 9% of what’s needed to be Greenlit so maybe I’ll actually will pull it off around the time the game is finished!

Happy 2015 everybody!

Hey, if you are interested in Greenlighting the game:
Within the steam client

Or on the web Greenlight!.

Please re-download the dowloader/updater!

[edit] Waiting for Beta to restart test-helps requests, sorry!

Ouch, as I uploaded version Alpha 0.06 It didn’t got downloaded correctly (by my old homemade downloader), I have to clear the cache of some obscure windows dll to make it work so please download an install the new downloader HERE !

Maybe that is why my MMORPG didn’t have any success hmm… surely not at all that it was in French.

The Gamification is working!

The Gamification is working!

I have implemented the Smith boss. Beat him and the Smith is released, selling you items like weapons, shields, trousers and more!

Well as you might know by now, everything is for free so you don’t need to pay for the items, secondly, if you bring back that nice dagger you found somewhere, he’ll gladly mash out copies for you and your descendants, I mean if ever you were to die…

So, a meagre (^^) +0.01 points that moves the game from Alpha 0.04 to Alpha 0.05!

Gamification of Game Development!

So today the game is (clearly) in Alpha,? 0.04 is today’s state:

There is an auto-updater, load save works, tutorial works (with Tornado boss!), there is a big pack of items to use (weapons, food, wands, potions, powers …), there is a bunch of monsters too so I think that Alpha 0.04 seems kind of right.

Moving forward isn’t as straight forward as I’d like but hey, it’s indie game development we are talking about!
So I tried to figure out what I need to go from Alpha to Beta and Beta to Gold and I decided that each of those things (usually kind of globally described) will move the project forward a certain amount of points.

So, to go from Alpha to Beta I need 0.06 points:

Mountainpath + shops(level 2 and level 4-5 items in the two shops): +0.01
Wizard tower + boss: a half point (+0.005)

The Three entries, at least a couple of types of map parts for each, a monster or two for each dungeon type:
Fire dungeon + boss: a half point (+0.005)
Ice dungeon + boss: a half point (+0.005)
Poison dungeon + boss: a half point (+0.005)

Win-screen (just a placeholder but with functioning GUI) : a half point (+0.005)

Smith + miniboss: a half point (+0.005)
FF (the forbidden forest): a half point (+0.005)

The bosses can be placeholders (ie. working like a normal monster) but they have to be there.

All these together will give a half point (+0.005) as I won’t consider the game in Beta if they are not implemented:

* Restart button (but not clear all) must function (menu->”abandon play” or similar)
* Keyboard menu (keymappings)
* Sound menu (Sound + Music on/off + volumes). I might not have any music though.

Beta 0.1: Now we need to fill the game with more content:

All items will be created +0.1
All monsters +0.1
All shopkeepers +0.1
All bosses fully functional (with all the quirks and so) +0.2
Final screen (WIN) exists +0.1
Sound: +0.1 (battle stuff etc)
Music: +0.1 (Music for the game or better several ones for different depths).

Beta to Gold:

Play testing and tweaking is what will move the Beta to Gold.