Alpha 0.3 out! (Build 3000)

So a couple of thousands of builds later I have a “playable” demo / Alpha I’d love if you would test!

Just download the “launcher / auto-updater” HERE (Windows only) and it will take care of downloading and, well, updating the game (if you got any problems launching the game, check out this link) ! A real installer will come of course but hey, it is Alpha material we’re talking about here !

If one day the game crashes it might (I can’t yet see into the future) be because I have changed the save-files, to fix that, just open the FOGD folder and delete the file “maps.bin” and relaunch FOGD Start.exe.

Please spread the word about the Alpha Test (It is now March 2013) and do follow me on Twitter if you’d like to get more close to the game development (valmond@mindokigames)!

Yeah, it still Is an Alpha so the graphics are ugly and if you get as far as to the “Village” then there are no more game to play, not yet anyway!