Beta version 0.74 out now!

With, among other things:
Big GUI overhaul, text should be readable now (please comment on color & font!).
Pad support (I only have a XBOX 360 pad) starts today (You need to activate it in the menu), Alpha though, same here, please do tell how/if it works (Pad-button “Y” to calibrate analog stick)!
Auto-Popups in pickup-slots (activate in the menu) for keyboard-only play.
Music is the same old but wonderful music is in the makings!
Lots of new rooms & tunnelparts have been added, like the secret room…
Actually secret rooms, which you might find sometimes. And the secret shopkeeper, have I told you about the secret shopkeeper?

And last but not least some not at all secret stuff; bugfixes, polishing, tweaks and fixes!

Please enjoy this version 0.74.

Valmond aka Ludvig Larsson @ Mindoki Games
ps. Oh yeah, Groupees actually excused themselves, paid me double which I must say is some nice goodwill…

A small video of new gameplay

All obvious bugs has been ironed out and it seems there might not be too many unknown ones, the game plays well and I’m starting to be quite satisfied with the engine itself.

I have reorganized the mountains-level and even if it isn’t finished, it’s already better. I will most probably tweak that level when the dungeons, at least the two first, are finished as in the mountains you can, with different difficulties, unlocks 4 shop keepers.

I also started to work on the first dungeon (after the tutorial dungeons, which are about ready), the fire dungeon. Got to find a better name for that one!

And finally, I now have some better looking trees.

Check out some small game play, and of course the trees!

OBS!! The quality of the video is rather bad, I have added a screen below for comparison…

This is how the game look in action (not deteriorated by the video, but still resampled, click to see full image):

The BETA is Out!

Beta Party!

Finally, I have pushed the last Alpha bug into oblivion, erased that Alpha-features filter in Mantis (my bug tracker) and made a new one that says “Beta only”!

Well, I included “Extra features” too, so that I can have Some fun eh

But here it is, a Family of Grave Diggers Beta 0.1 with functioning shopkeepers, the Forbidden Forest tower defence running, all the dungeons in place (but without much content though, well that is what a beta is for!), better help interface and a bunch of other things!

Now I just have to fix that ugly ugly tree…

Gamification of Game Development!

So today the game is (clearly) in Alpha,? 0.04 is today’s state:

There is an auto-updater, load save works, tutorial works (with Tornado boss!), there is a big pack of items to use (weapons, food, wands, potions, powers …), there is a bunch of monsters too so I think that Alpha 0.04 seems kind of right.

Moving forward isn’t as straight forward as I’d like but hey, it’s indie game development we are talking about!
So I tried to figure out what I need to go from Alpha to Beta and Beta to Gold and I decided that each of those things (usually kind of globally described) will move the project forward a certain amount of points.

So, to go from Alpha to Beta I need 0.06 points:

Mountainpath + shops(level 2 and level 4-5 items in the two shops): +0.01
Wizard tower + boss: a half point (+0.005)

The Three entries, at least a couple of types of map parts for each, a monster or two for each dungeon type:
Fire dungeon + boss: a half point (+0.005)
Ice dungeon + boss: a half point (+0.005)
Poison dungeon + boss: a half point (+0.005)

Win-screen (just a placeholder but with functioning GUI) : a half point (+0.005)

Smith + miniboss: a half point (+0.005)
FF (the forbidden forest): a half point (+0.005)

The bosses can be placeholders (ie. working like a normal monster) but they have to be there.

All these together will give a half point (+0.005) as I won’t consider the game in Beta if they are not implemented:

* Restart button (but not clear all) must function (menu->”abandon play” or similar)
* Keyboard menu (keymappings)
* Sound menu (Sound + Music on/off + volumes). I might not have any music though.

Beta 0.1: Now we need to fill the game with more content:

All items will be created +0.1
All monsters +0.1
All shopkeepers +0.1
All bosses fully functional (with all the quirks and so) +0.2
Final screen (WIN) exists +0.1
Sound: +0.1 (battle stuff etc)
Music: +0.1 (Music for the game or better several ones for different depths).

Beta to Gold:

Play testing and tweaking is what will move the Beta to Gold.