Target change

Hi everybody following me an my indie game development!

I’m sorry for the hiccup in the posting, my life have been undergoing some big changes!

It started with me quitting my ‘day job’ in November 2012 and going fulltime Indie (!)

This is why I haven’t spent a lot of time on the blog, I have decided to finally finalize the game, or at least the core game so that even if I have to go back to work I can continue develop the game. To do so I have had to both drastically cut in the features and work really hard too to see if it was doable. It was! Phew…

This is what went away and what have changed:

The game is no longer an online game and it is no longer in javascript / HTML5.

It is now written in C++ and Lua using the SDL framework (windows only at the moment).

It is still a turnbased sort of Rogue-Like with random generated dungeons (with my Schr?dinger map generation algorithm fully functional!), and of course more to come!

If you want to do a test ride on the latest version (still alpha mind you!), send me a mail ( with the title AlphaTester and I’ll send you a copy!

You don’t need to do anything in return, but it would be really cool and nice if you would send me any bugs or thoughts about the game. No obligation though!

Yeah, I finally found a name too, A Family of Gravediggers, hope you like it!

Cheers !

Ludvig aka Valmond