Desura Bankruptcy

Hi everybody!

I was selected for Desuras Alpha Funding last month, sweet eh!

So I’ve been working full time on networking, banners, presskit, honing details etcetera etcetera the last weeks.
I also decided to try to give it an edge so I subscribet to a banner publicity program at Who’s Gaming Now.
I sent them the banner yesterday because Desura will start selling my game Wednesday!
The mail came back asking this:

So are you sure you want to point it to the Desura page?
With all the news around the problems with Desura/Bad Juju parent company etc, I wanted to just ask before I just link the banner there

After a quick search, it seems they doesn’t pay developers any more and that their owners (Bad Juju) are filing for bankruptcy and even that they will scrap Desura completely…
That’s the explanation why my 2 contacts mails insta-bounced this morning…

Soooo, first things first:

A big thanks to Who’s Gaming Now for alerting me!

Secondly, I now have to rebuild my marketing (master) plans which might (or not, gotta think this over) include a small Kickstarter! I had it planned a bit but the Desura Alpha Funding seemed a better choice at the moment.

Well, I have always wanted to do a Kickstarter, so I’ll mourn a bit, hmmm, okay that’s done, lets start planning!

See you tomorrow, hopefully with some new plans!

Desura has put my game in their Alphafunding program!

The weeks are just getting crazier, first I got greenlit and then, some days ago I got a hand crafted mail from Desura, it started with:

Congratulations!! Your title has been accepted to our Alphafunding program.

There are only a couple of slots for each launch and a Family of Grave Diggers got one of them!!

we have you officially scheduled in our Launch Calendar. On June 17th 2015 at 6am Pacific Daylight Time your game will GO LIVE.

Holy bandola, one month from now! The mail continues with:

In the meantime, you really need to prepare like crazy.

You bet, so huh yeah, lets get this rolling!