Beta version 0.74 out now!

With, among other things:
Big GUI overhaul, text should be readable now (please comment on color & font!).
Pad support (I only have a XBOX 360 pad) starts today (You need to activate it in the menu), Alpha though, same here, please do tell how/if it works (Pad-button “Y” to calibrate analog stick)!
Auto-Popups in pickup-slots (activate in the menu) for keyboard-only play.
Music is the same old but wonderful music is in the makings!
Lots of new rooms & tunnelparts have been added, like the secret room…
Actually secret rooms, which you might find sometimes. And the secret shopkeeper, have I told you about the secret shopkeeper?

And last but not least some not at all secret stuff; bugfixes, polishing, tweaks and fixes!

Please enjoy this version 0.74.

Valmond aka Ludvig Larsson @ Mindoki Games
ps. Oh yeah, Groupees actually excused themselves, paid me double which I must say is some nice goodwill…

Happy new year 2015 and a shiny Alpha 0.07!

Happy 2015 everybody!

The holidays are sometimes a boost for productivity, with kids it’s the other way around so I squeezed as much time as possible into the game before Christmas.

The result?

The whole wizard tower with its different floors to explore and understand, the mini bosses, the big wizard boss in the final floor and even the wizards apprentice to rescue (he’ll duplicate and sell you powers in the village), all created, coded, inserted and tested!

So according my gamification planning, I’m now a, what am I saying, the game is now a shiny new Alpha 0.07!

On a side note, I have 9% of what’s needed to be Greenlit so maybe I’ll actually will pull it off around the time the game is finished!

Happy 2015 everybody!

Hey, if you are interested in Greenlighting the game:
Within the steam client

Or on the web Greenlight!.

The Gamification is working!

The Gamification is working!

I have implemented the Smith boss. Beat him and the Smith is released, selling you items like weapons, shields, trousers and more!

Well as you might know by now, everything is for free so you don’t need to pay for the items, secondly, if you bring back that nice dagger you found somewhere, he’ll gladly mash out copies for you and your descendants, I mean if ever you were to die…

So, a meagre (^^) +0.01 points that moves the game from Alpha 0.04 to Alpha 0.05!

Gamification of Game Development!

So today the game is (clearly) in Alpha,? 0.04 is today’s state:

There is an auto-updater, load save works, tutorial works (with Tornado boss!), there is a big pack of items to use (weapons, food, wands, potions, powers …), there is a bunch of monsters too so I think that Alpha 0.04 seems kind of right.

Moving forward isn’t as straight forward as I’d like but hey, it’s indie game development we are talking about!
So I tried to figure out what I need to go from Alpha to Beta and Beta to Gold and I decided that each of those things (usually kind of globally described) will move the project forward a certain amount of points.

So, to go from Alpha to Beta I need 0.06 points:

Mountainpath + shops(level 2 and level 4-5 items in the two shops): +0.01
Wizard tower + boss: a half point (+0.005)

The Three entries, at least a couple of types of map parts for each, a monster or two for each dungeon type:
Fire dungeon + boss: a half point (+0.005)
Ice dungeon + boss: a half point (+0.005)
Poison dungeon + boss: a half point (+0.005)

Win-screen (just a placeholder but with functioning GUI) : a half point (+0.005)

Smith + miniboss: a half point (+0.005)
FF (the forbidden forest): a half point (+0.005)

The bosses can be placeholders (ie. working like a normal monster) but they have to be there.

All these together will give a half point (+0.005) as I won’t consider the game in Beta if they are not implemented:

* Restart button (but not clear all) must function (menu->”abandon play” or similar)
* Keyboard menu (keymappings)
* Sound menu (Sound + Music on/off + volumes). I might not have any music though.

Beta 0.1: Now we need to fill the game with more content:

All items will be created +0.1
All monsters +0.1
All shopkeepers +0.1
All bosses fully functional (with all the quirks and so) +0.2
Final screen (WIN) exists +0.1
Sound: +0.1 (battle stuff etc)
Music: +0.1 (Music for the game or better several ones for different depths).

Beta to Gold:

Play testing and tweaking is what will move the Beta to Gold.

Holiday, yay!

On my crappy laptop I’m having a hard time to play test (its some U7300 processor running at like sub-year-2000 speeds) so I’m mostly coding in the dark and factorize and so but I have done some bugfixes too, here they are!

* make doors be “friends” and open on “interact” (like chests)
* check chests and doors doesn’t get attacked by monsters
* all create() should return myid
* rename whole project to Grave Diggers (of Time)
* make not only GetLocalInt and SetLocalInt access with “myid” but also GetLocalString and other (set…)
* CTRL+B -> Quit (as CTRL+Q is occupied): using ESC instead
* make it easier to move downwards (but you don’t want to move too fast downwards!)

Also added the Slime and the Golden snake beware!

Soon to be back with more updates, project is coming back nicely so I will most probably make a new test version (I’m closing in on build 6000 so that seems a nice milestone for that).


Well well, gotta go back to holidays (just kidding, going back to creating)!

Back in business!

Hi followers, thanks for scrutinizing things being down for a long time, I hope I reward you.

There’s been ups and downs and I have finally managed to get things under control (personal life :-/) but here I am again with my ol’ game, waiting to be finished!

Build 5878, the tutorial is completely working (sure, I’ll add a lot of things there as to the rest), a LOT of items/powers/wands and whatnot are fully functional, it’s easy as a breeze to add parts to the map generator (just build a map-part, which is easy as pie and the dungeon generation code takes care of the rest), it’s easy as, uh dunno but well really easy to add a whole line of new items (say a type of magic ring with tens of different types) and so on.

The Smith, the Wizard tower (it’s already there but hey it’s just a test), the three dungeons you’ll unlock when … well, you know how it is when you’re in the middle of work… patience, oh sorry you don’t know how it fits together? Don’t sweat you’ll find out.

But please be patient, I will create a new version so you can check it out and I’ll try to communicate what’s happening on my twitter account.

I’m going to live in a cave though (not in a basement! a nice cave) so it might be not that regular (and I’m off for holidays in august).

Can’t stop that thought though, hell, build number five thousand eight hundred. Can’t stop now right.


Fun added! (or build 3503)

So I’ve been quite busy lately. Busy with the game!

I have now a consistent load/save/rage-quit etc. system, a full flow-chart for item creation (what level a particular item will have), a new randomized item type and All wands ingame! I also made arrows and a bow and dynamite with a timer. Just for fun.

Randomized items:

When this kind of item is created for the first time, a random roll is done and will define both characteristics, name, mouseover tips and charges.

For example, the dirty shorts you might find when you loot a chest have three different ‘versions’: “no characs”, “HP+1″ and “HP+2″. Their descriptions are different (rags, worst ever clothes, Almost worst ever clothes)

It is really easy to make a lot of different types without completely leaving the randomness to say HP=Random(0,2). I can choose to make one of the types more frequent or add a HP+3 but View-1 for example making it easy to add different but distinct types.

The code looks like this:


??? if typenr == -1 then --Create new
?? ??? ?typenr = math.random(0,2)
?? ?end

Check characteristics

??? arr[0]=""
?? ?arr[1]="maxlife=1"
?? ?arr[2]="maxlife=2"

Get the mouseover:

??? arr[0]="rags"
?? ?arr[1]="Worst ever clothes [HP+1]"
?? ?arr[2]="Almost worst ever clothes [HP+2]"

Well, you get the idea… it is really easy:

The wands had me working for 4 whole days because they do interact with players and the game itself (Pushing an enemy for example) but the rings took me like 1 hour because they only change the characteristics of the player…

A lot of items with passive characteristics can be added like this, really quick and easy.

Mind you, it is so easy I haven’t had the time to create graphics for them… I usually do some quick’n dirty graphics just so you don’t need to mouseover some red square to see if it is a Wand of Protection or a Short, will try to do that soon though…

Fun added!

From the beginning I really like the game and its ideas (of course I do, I made them!) and it is very rewarding to see complex things working flawlessly after hours of coding and bugtracking. But when I played it it was always just a lot of testing. Start game, check this or that feature out, fix it if it doesn’t work, rinse & repeat.

When all the wands were made (and the bow and arrows! So useful in a Dungeon!), I upped the loot probability quite a bit and actually, for the first time, I sensed this fun, driving part. Just some more monsters and I’ll stop. I’ll go back to the coding but first I want to know what is in that chest over there! Can I really get to depth 4 now? I’ll give it a try. Argh I died, shit! This time I’ll gi… no, now I really have to go back coding!

I’m not saying that the game is really really fun yet, it isn’t. But I felt it come alive. Now I have to feed it and raise it to be a good fun interesting game, I can see the light in the end of the tunnel, sort of!

Real life:

On the downside of things, I will most surely have to go back to working at a normal day-job quite soon, at least for some time. On the upside is, hopefully, a game where the complicated bits are complete which means that loading, saving, installing, progression, map generation and all other bug-rich parts are done, tested and ticked off. Leaving me with item creation, map making and scripting enemies!

Something I will be able to do even if I code all day for money.

See you soon!


Target change

Hi everybody following me an my indie game development!

I’m sorry for the hiccup in the posting, my life have been undergoing some big changes!

It started with me quitting my ‘day job’ in November 2012 and going fulltime Indie (!)

This is why I haven’t spent a lot of time on the blog, I have decided to finally finalize the game, or at least the core game so that even if I have to go back to work I can continue develop the game. To do so I have had to both drastically cut in the features and work really hard too to see if it was doable. It was! Phew…

This is what went away and what have changed:

The game is no longer an online game and it is no longer in javascript / HTML5.

It is now written in C++ and Lua using the SDL framework (windows only at the moment).

It is still a turnbased sort of Rogue-Like with random generated dungeons (with my Schr?dinger map generation algorithm fully functional!), and of course more to come!

If you want to do a test ride on the latest version (still alpha mind you!), send me a mail ( with the title AlphaTester and I’ll send you a copy!

You don’t need to do anything in return, but it would be really cool and nice if you would send me any bugs or thoughts about the game. No obligation though!

Yeah, I finally found a name too, A Family of Gravediggers, hope you like it!

Cheers !

Ludvig aka Valmond