LIVE on Steam! (Early Access)

Aand … a Family of Grave diggers is Live on Steam (Early Access)!

I got over a hundred new twitter followers in twenty minutes, lots of hi quality streaming demands (around ten) counting several hundred thousand followers!

I’m not yet off to bed.

Early Access means that the game isn’t really finished. So what does that mean?

My game is around 80% finished content wise, there should (well well) be no more big bugs and you can actually play the whole game, there are just some endgame content left to do.

And some tweaking of course!

Enjoy! Come enjoin the Family of Grave Diggers!

Steam Greenlight is ON!

So I finally jumped the fence, got some nice screenshots, fixed a “logo” and even made a video (by user request) and submitted a request for Greenlighting my Roguelike on Steam!

First surprise, 5% of (supposed) need to get greenlit in the first 2 days!!

If you want to check it out, you can do it through your steam app, here is the Big Button, just waiting to be clicked:

Or if you want to, you can check it out on their website too: Greenlight!.

Eating cheese and drinking wine right now, thanking you all for the massive support so far!

Cheers to you all and see you tomorrow!