Alpha Version 0.2

All the points in the Pre-Alpha Todo list has been terminated except one that I have to think a bit more about (the old list is here somewhere) so it seems the game is ready to go Alpha (is now version? 0.2)!

So what do we need to go Beta?

A new todo list of course! Here it is (it might get updated):

  • Magical system(how we gain power, how it’s used, damage etc. )
  • Bonus system (that useful Attack+3 bonus from a potion and so on)
  • Defining the universes (Cellars, Tunnels, Castle, Prison, Forbidden forest,…)
  • Monsters and possible templates (big list from level 1 monsters and up)
  • Monster AI
  • Dungeon Generation with traps and evil bosses
  • Create the most items and their Templates
  • Generic Action system with actions (they will level-up too) action-xp gain, GUI…
  • Targeted Actions (Bows & arrows, fire bolt, heal…)
  • Graphic effects: fire bolt, explosion, talk-bubble, …
  • Chat system
  • Crafting system
  • Line of sight (at the moment you can see through walls)
  • Money
  • Shops?(updated: 22/10/2012)
  • Factions(updated with reputations: 19/10/2012)
  • Reputation (for the factions so you can finally be friends with the city guards)
  • Quests and rewards
  • Create a lot of graphic assets
  • Moderation and surveillance tools

As you can see this list is bigger and every point is more generic as I wanted it to be as short as possible (I’m talking about the list, I think my length is perfectly ok thank you!). Some points are also (heavily) dependent on other points. For example, I can start programming the AI (pathfinding and so on) but I will need to terminate the Magic characteristics before I can make the monsters use it. That is of course the same for item creation, item templates and crafting, bonus system for the snakes snake venom etc.

Some points will be done in parallel like (hopefully) graphic creation, monsters, items, the world, the magic system and the craft system and other might be a one-shot development like the chat system and the quest system but creating quests will be done in parallel and so on.

In the pre-Alpha I did each point and checked it off, I won’t be able to do that (except maybe for the chat system) so each entry will be given different advancements, something like:

For mechanics needed to be programmed (ie. Bonus system, Chat,…)

  • Not started (Black color)
  • In progress : It doesn’t work yet, maybe some parts do work though (Orange)
  • Operational : It works but the it is not automatized, some parts missing (missing item web-creation interface for example) (Yellow)
  • Done (Green)

For content creation (Items, Graphics,…

  • Most probably a percentage or part (start, middle, 50%, 90%, …)

Some points have both mechanics and content like the templates and the quests, they will have first the mechanics and then the content flags.

The 90% / 90% rule

Back from some short holidays where I actually got some work done, I questioned myself “did I really do some important work there or did I just mess with the first 90 percent of a particular task?”.

You know the video game 90/90 rule: “Good ! You have done 90 percent of this development, now you just have to do the other 90 percent to finish it.”

The beginning of projects are always the funniest and dammit I’m not independent to only do boring things but maybe I had chewed off only good parts lately so I decided to do some tedious and boring ones to make up for it, like setting up a SVN repository and making a register page in PHP, putting everything online, create batches for uploading the game over sftp, creating a backup etc.

That was a bit boring but the nice part is that you can now Create an Account and actually check out the game! You can kill 3 evil chickens who will respawn every now and then, very boring but everything has a beginning and here it is for Imbroglio Online!

Imbroglio Online!

Welcome to my developer blog for my game Imbroglio Online! It is a Rogue-like (without permadeath) online multiplayer game playable in you navigator!

I have always liked the online part in gaming and I have already given it a try or two (one php/MySQL turnbased game and one full-3D realtime RPG that might still be ‘up’ Here? (some screens can be found Here (Click “Screenshots”)) but nothing is more unsure as the “mmo”-server must be rebooted each 20 something days and I’m a bit lazy… ).


Anyway, this time I wanted to do something slightly more manageable (smaller!) and after some RTS programming with SDL and not really liking it I figured that I might give HTML5 and websockets a go.


The game itself is of course in a real prototype state, I can connect to the server and walk around, kill some monsters and pick up loot but there are a lot more to do so lets make a TODO list:

This is absolutely not an extensive list but it should contain everything needed to create a full running alpha version of the game:

(Green for finished tasks, Orange for soon finished)

  • Characteristics
  • Automatic map generation (Missing: surface generationON HOLD and stairways) Stairways done!
  • Register a new player
  • Items (potions already work but not swords and so on) All basic items work!
  • Equip items
  • Finalizing the time share method (so you won’t need to ‘wait’ for any other players to finish their move when meeting up with other players)
  • Experience points, levels and ‘upgrades’ (spend ‘points’ you earn at each level-up)
  • GUI for characs and equipment
  • Setting up the server online (This is done)
  • Graphics (I will use trash graphics from old games I have done or just ugly placeholders. Maybe I’ll use some ‘free’ graphics from another roguelike but it sure won’t be beautiful until I get the hold of a pixel artist not too expensive… )